In Greco-Roman mythology, hair is used has a symbol of seduction for women, and strength and power in men. Nowadays the physical appearance, in which the hairstyle participates, has a particular importance to represent the belonging to an ethnic or social group (punk hairstyle, long rocker hair...).
Hair loss can thus have negative repercussions on the quality of life and cause a feeling of ill-being or a loss of self-confidence. A significant number of people suffer from it in the world, however solutions are possible.


Are you losing your hair and want effective medical and surgical solutions?
Our hair center in Mulhouse offers a full range of treatments for hair loss, alopecia and baldness, for men and women.

Drs Marc Feutren & Florian Petin

The Doctors Marc Feutren and Florian Pétin are experts in hair loss treatment and more specifically FUE hair transplant.

Listening to our patients is a priority and we start by offering them a personalized evaluation.

Through our training at the forefront of knowledge in the field of the treatment of baldness, we precisely determine the cause of hair loss, the alteration of the quality of your hair and we will give you an adapted treatment plan.

Our practice also offers face and body treatments in aesthetic medicine.