Scalp treatment

Injections of autologous growth factors

Injections of growth factors are used in medicine for therapeutic purposes in the context of hair loss.


30 minute sessions

Without anesthesia

Rapid visible effect with gradual improvement over the following weeks

1 session per month for 3 months followed by a session
Requires maintenance by 2-3 sessions/year (from 6 months after the initial protocol)

Can be used in addition to other therapeutic techniques.

Indicated for men and women

Injections of autologous growth factors (Platelet Rich Plasma)

The growth factors will stimulate the stem cells of the hair follicles and thus promote hair regrowth.

 For an optimal result on baldness, the quality of the hair and the scalp, the latest studies advise the realization of 3 sessions at 1 month intervals followed by 2-3 annual maintenance sessions.

Injections of growth factors, PRP can be combined with other techniques in order to potentiate the result on hair regrowth: mesotherapy, micro needling, LLLT and especially hair/hair transplantation by FUE.

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