Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for hair loss

A restorative effect

Indicated to limit hair loss and stimulate hair growth and quality. Photobiomodulation by LED is also indicated to limit hair loss and is complementary to other treatments (mesotherapy, PRP).


12 sessions over 3 months are recommended

Without anesthesia

Rapid visible effect with gradual improvement over the following weeks

Requires regular maintenance or in addition to other therapeutic techniques.

Indicated for men and women

How does LLLT work on your hair?

LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) uses non-ionizing electromagnetic energy to obtain a biochemical effect of cold light on organic tissues and more particularly the cellular structures of still active hair bulbs (= hair).

The effects of light on your hair:

We use a medical LLLT system which includes:


Penetrates 1-5mm, improves cell regeneration, relieves pain, action on blood circulation (and indirectly on inflammation). It is the color that penetrates the most deeply into the skin and in the treatment of baldness it is a valuable aid by acting in a complementary way to mesotherapy. Through its action on blood microcirculation in the scalp, LLLT improves the penetration of active ingredients and therefore potentiates their absorption at the cellular level.


Penetrates 1mm, eliminates acne bacteria (ex: Probionibacterium acnes), inhibits sebaceous glands, prevents infection of wounds. At the level of the scalp improves the hydration of the hair.


Penetrates 1mm, well-being effect, relieves sensitive skin, reduces pigment spots.


Penetrates 1mm, relieves redness, tones the muscles. There is a real healing and remodeling effect as well as an improvement in lymphatic circulation. On the scalp, the yellow color has a positive effect on hair regrowth.


(Intense Pulsed Light = IPL lamp)
IPL penetrates deeper, up to 6mm. Promotes skin photorejuvenation and improves skin texture. Stimulates cell metabolism.

The protocols used for the treatment of hair loss focus mainly around the colors RED, YELLOW, BLUE and the IPL lamp.

The effects of LLLT on the scalp are:

- stimulation of the transition to the anagen phase of hair follicles in the telogen phase
- prolongation of the anagen phase / development stage
- prevention of the premature onset of a catagen phase.

The energy, brought by the different light waves, is absorbed by the mitochondria of the hair follicles resulting in a productive effect of the cells. The result is an increase in the anagen phase of the hair follicles which improves hair growth.

It is possible to continue the treatment at home by daily application of a nutritive product to the scalp, completing the action of the nutrients used during the mesotherapy injections.

We also use LLLT in aesthetic medicine treatments. For more information: feutren-petin-aesthetics.com


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