The two main treatments used in the context of baldness are :

Minoxidil (=Rogaine/Regaine) : 

Used since the 1960s as an anti-hypertensive treatment, doctors discovered its action on hair growth as early as 1970. This can cause the loss of follicles in the telogen phase, which are then replaced by new follicles in the anagen phase. For 10 years this treatment has been used locally in the form of a foam, which limits the irritating effect. The treatment must be continued over the long term to maintain its effect on the scalp

Finasteride (=Propecia) :
Inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase, this treatment was initially proposed to treat prostate problems and its action on hair regrowth was discovered by chance. Finasteride is now facing possible side effects in men, affecting libido and erectile function. Before any prescription, the possible risks associated with taking this treatment will be clearly explained to the patient.

New drugs are being studied and should arrive on the French market soon. Doctors Marc Feutren and Florian Pétin stay informed and will always seek to offer you the most effective and secure treatments.

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