Hair and scalp treatment

Mesotherapy injections

Very superficial injections (intra-dermal or intra-epidermal) of a set of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, performed on the area where there is a loss of hair density.


A least 8 sessions of 30 min spaced a week apart for noticeable results (for a lasting result maintenance treatment is recommended)

Without anesthesia

Visible effect during the treatment cycle with gradual improvement over the following weeks

Persistent effect over several months - variable between patients

Indicated for men and women

Hair mesotherapy

Mesotherapy injections consist of bringing a combination of different nutrients directly to the area concerned with hair loss or where hair growth is not qualitative.

We inject a set of micro-nutrients and active products including, for example, vitamins (such as biotin), antioxidants, fatty acids (linoleic acid), minerals and very fluid non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid.

The objective of this treatment is to provide everything the scalp and hair need to densify the hair and promote its growth, moisturize the scalp.

This technique is also used to treat cellulite, stretch marks and skin aging on the face, hands and décolleté.

Treatment suitable for all ages

Scalp mesotherapy is effective in cases of early stage baldness, transient hair loss (stress, fatigue) or to restore weakened hair. To be effective, scalp mesotherapy must be performed on an area where active hair follicles persist. Does not work on advanced alopecia.

The injection of vitamins promotes growth and makes it possible to densify the scalp while improving the regrowth of the hair.

We use products from the Skintech/RRS range


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